Singing the King’s Song

He who drinks the King’s wine, sings the King’s song

Who’s wine do we drink? What structure gives us wealth? From what structure do we seek validation? In who’s good graces to we seek to be? What structure gives us life and sustains us and provides protection?

To what kingdom are we a vassal?

If we drink the wine of this world we will sing the song of this world. We will seek to be partnered, we will want to be a productive and obedient vassal.

If we drink from the true vine, we will know that the Lord will protect us from our enemies and that he will sustain us. He is our King and we are his vassal. And God’s protection allows us to build the Kingdom of God on earth. Are we building his kingdom or are we contributing to the skyline of Babylon?

Do we reject false God’s or are we building monuments to them? Are we now beholden to the false God’s because we sustain their laws, transact with their currency, and are sustained by their favor?

We are told that we have to choose our master. We can’t serve two.

So, who’s song do we sing? Do we seek to be a friend to the world or do we seek to be a light to the world?

Do we say the key words and offer up the tokens given to us by the world so they know we are a friend? That we are compliant? That we are not a threat to their dominion? Have we made a covenant not to disturb their kingdom?

Or are we building a Kingdom of heaven on earth? Do we seek Zion or do we seek to represent the best of Babylon?

The warnings of the great prophet Brigham Young keep coming to my mind:

There is nothing that would so soon weaken my hope and discourage me as to see this people in full fellowship with the world, and receive no more persecution from them because they are one with them. In such an event, we might bid farewell to the Holy Priesthood with all its blessings, privileges and aids to exaltations, principalities, and powers in the eternities of the Gods.

Brigham Young, Journal of Discourses 10: 32

When we see the time that we can willingly strike hands and have full fellowship with those who despise the Kingdom of God, know ye then that the priesthood is out of your possession.

Brigham Young, Journal of Discourses 10: 273

And when the spirit of persecution, the spirit of hatred, of wrath, and malice ceases in the world against this people, it will be the time that this people have apostatized and joined hands with the wicked, and never until then; which I pray may never come.

Brigham Young, Journal of Discourses 4: 327

Who’s song are we singing? The song will reveal the true King that we worship.

Author: Todd McLauchlin

This is an LDS site that is dedicated to the invitation of the gospel of Jesus Christ to awake and arise to the great promises of redemption and transformation. My name is Todd Mclauchlin and I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. I have a love of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and would like to share openly my feelings, testimony, and personal perspectives of the Doctrine of Christ. I currently reside in Draper, Utah.

One thought on “Singing the King’s Song”

  1. Amen! I was greatly deceived by supporting the mainstreaming of our faith. The salt has lost its savor! Persecution allows for refining and purification. I repent!!! I surely hope others recognize we have sold ourselves out to the beast, and come to the Lord with renewed purpose. Thanks Todd for standing on the side of truth.


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